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Posted by Alexz on juin 18th, 2019

Hello Team Dockers! We have some new pics from Downton Abbey the movie!

Downton Abbey 2020 Calendar

We have two new pics from the movie, in the 2020 calendar. We can book your Downton calendar in Amazon. Three versions are available. The little with New pic from the movie in the top [LINK], the big one, with Season six poster on the top [LINK] and the calendar book with Season six poster too on the top [LINK].The pics from amazon are available on the gallery.

Downton Abbey BTS pic

Hugh Bonneville posted a new BTS pics on Sunday (Father’s Day). On this picture, we can see Hugh with Michelle. I love this pic! You can find it on the gallery!

Downton Abbey Posters

You can find Two of the new posters for the movie. (I’ve just upload posters with Michelle). They are just fabulous!

Downton Abbey Stills

I’ve upload lot of new stills from the movie. 8 stills are now available on the gallery!

Posted by Alexz on mai 29th, 2019

Hello Everybody! Omaze and the entire Cast of “Downton Abbey” invite you to meet them at the Movie premiere. To meet the cast, donate to  Omaze for their campaign for Stand up to Cancer. (LINK) For the occasion you can find a new pics of Michelle, Elizabeth and Laura on the gallery and a video of the cast!



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Posted by Alexz on mai 12th, 2019

Hello Everybody! A new still from “Downton Abbey” The Movie it’s now available in the gallery. It’s a new still with Lady Mary, Lady Cora, Sybil and Maybe the new Mary‘s baby!

Posted by Alexz on avril 29th, 2019

Hello Team Dockers! Michelle, Allen & Laura were on a set for a new promotional shoot for Downton Abbey. You can find two pics on the gallery! 😉

A new BTS pic from Michelle‘s shooting for Harper’s Bazaar US is now available in the gallery!

Posted by Alexz on mars 27th, 2019

New poster from Downton Abbey movie is now available in the gallery!

Posted by Alexz on février 14th, 2019

Hey Dockers! A new still from “Downton Abbey – The Movie” with Lady Mary & Henry si now avalaible on the gallery! Enjoy It !

Posted by Alexz on décembre 28th, 2018

Happy Birthday from all Downton cast. You can see Michelle, she is so wonderful!

Posted by Alexz on décembre 20th, 2018

Hey Team Dockers! The first still of Lady Mary is now on the gallery! She is wonderful with Henry Talbot. OMG I love Them (Sorry Matthew).

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