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Posted by Alexz on mai 29th, 2019

Hello Everybody! Omaze and the entire Cast of “Downton Abbey” invite you to meet them at the Movie premiere. To meet the cast, donate to  Omaze for their campaign for Stand up to Cancer. (LINK) For the occasion you can find a new pics of Michelle, Elizabeth and Laura on the gallery and a video of the cast!



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Posted by Alexz on mai 12th, 2019

Hello Everybody! A new still from “Downton Abbey” The Movie it’s now available in the gallery. It’s a new still with Lady Mary, Lady Cora, Sybil and Maybe the new Mary‘s baby!

Posted by Alexz on mars 27th, 2019

New poster from Downton Abbey movie is now available in the gallery!

Posted by Alexz on février 14th, 2019

Hey Dockers! A new still from “Downton Abbey – The Movie” with Lady Mary & Henry si now avalaible on the gallery! Enjoy It !

Posted by Alexz on décembre 18th, 2018

Posted by Alexz on décembre 2nd, 2018

Hey Team Dockers! New project for Michelle, she replaces Kate Beckinsale in Guy Ritchie‘s upcoming action thriller “Toff Guys“. The movie also features Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Henry Golding, Jeremy Strong and Colin Farrell.

The Toff story sees McConaughey as a businessman who has built a weed empire and now wants out; the other characters are either complications or helpful to his scheme. Dockery is the man’s wife, while Golding will play a Vietnamese gangster. Grant is a photographer who snaps scandalous photos of our protagonist and schemes to blackmail him. Farrell will play a character named Coach, a man who trains MMA fighters.

Ritchie is directing from a script that he co-wrote with Marn Davies and Ivan Atkinson. The film is described as being in the vein of the British gangster movies that Ritchie shot earlier in his career such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.

Michelle was on the set in London, on Monday November 27th and on Wednesday 28th  with McConaughey. All the pics are in the gallery!

Posted by Alexz on novembre 21st, 2018

NBC’s Keir Simmons talks to Michelle Dockery, Joanne Froggatt and others, for TODAY. Let’s go for exclusive behind the scene from Downton’s set.

Posted by Alexz on octobre 2nd, 2018

Michelle was on the Set of “Downton Abbey – the movie“, on September 25th & 26th 2018. We have also a date for the movie : September 20th 2019 for USA and September 13th 2019 for the international.

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