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septembre 28, 2019  admin No comments Downton Abbey, Interview, Photoshoot

Michelle Dockery reveals ‘responsibility’ of taking Downton Abbey to Hollywood

MiNFOOD exclusive: ‘Never go back’, they say. And yet, in the case of Michelle Dockery, as a fan first and an actress second, the yearning to unveil the next chapter of the Downton Abbey narrative was simply too great to resist.

For five years from 2010, television drama Downton Abbey ascended, almost imperiously, to the point of attaining cult status, as did its characters.

Perhaps it was the mystery, the intrigue, perhaps just the accessibility, or maybe, quite simply, in the social and economic climates of chaos that have enveloped us over the course of the past decade, we all just needed a generous dose of wild escapism.

Whatever the reason, a global fanbase was able to witness actress Michelle Dockery’s whirlwind elevation from British TV also-ran to arguably the ultimate doyenne of period drama dynamism.

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On September 10, Michelle and Hugh were at the BBC Breakfast for the Downton Promo tour.

septembre 25, 2019  admin No comments Downton Abbey, Film, Movie, Poster

New posters from Downton Abbey the movie, are now available on the gallery.

septembre 22, 2019  admin No comments Appearances & Events, Downton Abbey

On September 19, Michelle and the cast of Downton were at a reception hosted bu the British Consulate.

septembre 22, 2019  admin No comments Emmy Magazine, outtakes, Photoshoot

A new outtake of Michelle from Emmy magazine in 2015 is now available on the gallery.

septembre 22, 2019  admin No comments BTS, Photoshoot, Town and Country

A new behind the scene of Michelle, Laura and Allen, from Town & Country‘s photoshoot is available on the gallery.

septembre 22, 2019  admin No comments BTS, Downton Abbey, Film, Joanne Froggatt, Movie

A new behind the scene pic of Michelle and Joanne from Downton Abbey, the movie is available on the gallery.

On September 19, Michelle was on the Late Late Show with James Corden.  Pictures are on the gallery!

The ‘Downton Abbey’ cast wants to take you back to a more innocent time — 2012

By Joe Heim
September 19, 2019 at 3:13 p.m. GMT+2

Ah, “Downton Abbey.” We missed you so. Has it really been just four years since you left? Feels like ages. A lot has happened since then. Britain wasn’t bickering over Boris and Brexit when you arrived in 2010 (or even when you called it a day in 2015). And America was not yet locked in its forever spitball war between pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces. Maybe it was an illusion — of course it was an illusion — but the planet seemed more gentle when Downton was king.

And so we’ve become nostalgic for its nostalgia. Misty-eyed too, for a simpler time free of cold brew coffee, electric scooters and Twitter. An arms-wide-open welcome, then, for “Downton Abbey” the movie, which hits theaters Friday and not a moment too soon. Escapism, sweet escapism, may just be what the world needs now.

Hugh Bonneville, who plays the family patriarch Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham in the series and the new movie, said he experienced the healing powers of Downton when he sat down to watch the movie a few weeks ago at an early screening.

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septembre 19, 2019  admin No comments outtakes, Photoshoot, Town and Country

A new outtake from Downton’s photoshoot for Town and Country is now available !

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